Monday, 14 January 2008

Monday morning

I think I'll start with a pretty picture of some yarn.

This is the yarn I was plying and finishing over the weekend, Blue Faced Leicester from Fleece Artist, and the colour is Pinata.

And I just wish it looked like that in real life. My camera really does make things look much more blue that they really are, and this is a good example of it. On the page here, I see a lovely turquoisey skein, with bits of pink and green. On the desk here next to the keyboard, I see a rather dodgy-looking green skein with bits of pink and acid yellow-green - and believe me, it isn't nearly as nice as that sounds, either.

Of course I can't show you the difference, either. Maybe I need a different camera.

So, in real life this isn't looking pretty. The problem happens in the finishing. When the skein goes into the water, it looks pretty much like that picture - maybe a bit more green to it than that, but it is definitely blue yarn. But the blue comes out in the water, and what I'm left with is not something that I like.

I am wondering if there is something I can do to prevent this happening. I seem to remember hearing something about vinegar for fixing dyes. Maybe I should put a bit of vinegar in the finishing bath, just in case? Would this work? How much, and what sort of vinegar? If anyone can offer advice, I would be really grateful.

Other things.

The Cobblestone Pullover has reached 9" now. I have hardly spent any time on it at all. Yes, I am lazy. And yes, I'll work on it more today.

This morning I cast on for a sock - it was bound to happen eventually. The pattern is the fifth Blue Moon sock club pattern for 2007 - Lenore by Stephanie Pearl McPhee - and the yarn is Blue Moon's eponymous Lenore STR Lightweight. Progress so far is minimal. I'll work on it more today, I hope.

Last but not least - tomorrow I start work. I still can hardly believe this, and I'm really looking forward to it. I know I'm very lucky - right place at the right time, that was all. But it is still brilliant!

And that reminds me, I do need to sort out my knitting bag, which will - of course! - be coming with me.


Pixie said...

Hi Fiona, yes you can use vinegar to fix the colour .. its the white kind.
I had a problem with some yarn with the colour coming of on my hands while knitting, there are a few threads on Ravelry.. I did copy some info to notepad.. if I locate where I saved it too will mail it to you.
The lady that dyed the yarn very sweetly sent me another skein to make up for my pink fingers and the same info regarding using vinegar.

I too have trouble taking photos of things with blue, or more so with purples, the man in the camera shop said something about it being at the end of the colour spectrum.. got to fiddle with the white balance.. I find trail and error there.. so no real help!

Good luck with the job and love what you have spun

feltboots said...

Good luck for Tuesday, not that you'll need it. Hope it's everything you dream of and look forward to reading all about it !

Queen of the froggers said...

Have a great day at work! What did you decide to put in the knitting bag?