Monday, 21 January 2008

Monday evening

I've done a bit of knitting this weekend - not a lot, but some at least.

The Cobblestone pullover is up to the armholes. At this point I put the underarm stitches onto a couple of bits of spare yarn, and carry on with the yoke - once I've made the sleeves. So that's next.

Lenore has progressed a little as well, I worked another inch or so whilst we were driving to and from Comet at Chippenham. This is a lovely straightforward pattern, the lace is practically mindless and that's just what I need right now.

We finally made up our minds that the old printer had had its day - it had been getting more than a bit temperamental about actually printing, you see, which really makes it something of a waste of space - and so we went out to buy a new one. Now we've got a shiny new laser printer which is all a bit of an unknown to us at the moment. However the set up was incredibly straightforward, we were expecting a two hour struggle with incomprehensible instructions. Not a bit of it, it was hardly more than just connecting it and telling the thing to install itself. All clever stuff. And it prints beautifully, as well.

What else - actually I've slept a whole lot - the tiredness really caught up with me.

And this evening we've discovered what seems to be the best local fish and chip shop around here, and had lovely fish and chips for supper. We think this is probably one of the best chip shops we've ever come across, it's taken us six months here to find it - and now I've got just about 36 hours left of eating gluten before I have the coeliac test thing.

Really rather annoying. There is gluten in the batter, you see, so almost certainly I won't be having fish and chips again after today. I've heard that there do exist fish and chip shops with a gluten free option, but we haven't found one of those yet. Well, at least I enjoyed our supper tonight.

But I won't really be sorry to lose gluten. It has been feeling - well, not good, recently. You don't want to know the details. Suffice it to say that I am looking forward to going gluten free again.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your tests and everything...sorry you'll be missing out on the batter...our fish shop will fry the fish straight (no batter!) you have to holler as you join the bit of the Q that's inside the door...(the rest of the Q will just think you're slimming!)would that do for you? Worth asking, if it would. Getting nowhere with my tests, but at least they've not shown up anything nasty, yet anyway!!! Fran