Wednesday, 5 December 2007


We're stuck in the house yet again, waiting for a delivery to arrive.

I am kind of fuming about this, actually. It is possibly the worst customer service that I've ever experienced. This is the fourth (!) time they have tried to deliver this parcel. It is fairly unbelievable, actually. They continue to insist that they are trying to deliver to the correct house, we continue to insist that whoever they are trying to deliver to, it isn't us. They don't believe us - and we don't believe them. And so it goes on.

In the meantime I am working the toe on the current sock. This evening I will cast on for the final pair, and then I don't think I want to knit socks again for quite a while.

I have a project in mind for the house, and I am wondering if it is a completely daft idea. In our sitting room we do not have any curtains at the moment. There are no houses visible at all from the back of the house, and our garden is completely private, so there didn't really seem to be any need. However we are finding that with the low sun at this time of year, a fine curtain at the window would be a good idea.

In Rowan 42, there is the Earth Stripe Curtain.

It is very, very beautiful, and it would be ideal at that window.

I am wondering who the designer is. Rowan don't give a name, which is very unusual indeed. The Earth Stripe Wrap is from the inimitable Kaffe Fassett, of course - maybe this is too?

I wouldn't have to work it to the full length given in the pattern, which is more than two metres (!) - we would need it only about 150cm. It is just about 140 cm wide, with 305 stitches on the needle. So it would be about the same length as the Earth Stripe Wrap, but three times the width. The lower part is worked in coloured stripes, and the main part in a simple lace pattern, and the yarns are Kidsilk Night in Bronze, and half a dozen colours of Kidsilk Haze.

This could be utter madness. But it would be so perfect....


Viknits said...

Ooooh go for it Fiona! Definitely! Your spinning is beautiful :)

Kai said...

and it would look absolutely lovely! I agree, go for it... :)