Thursday, 27 December 2007

Two days, three hats

Well, here we are on the other side. I do hope that you had as excellent a time as we did. I love having everyone together here, it happens so rarely these days now that people are grown up and have their own lives.

Benedikta has been sadly neglected over the last two days, I'm afraid. This is not just because things have been busy - because really by lunchtime on Christmas day all the cooking is done, after all. It is rather because I will happily drop all other projects when one of my family actually asks me to knit them something, and this time the requests were for hats with earflaps, and maybe a scarf as well, please.

So, Rowan 30 came off the shelf, as that is where Kim Hargreaves' excellent earflap hat pattern Lottie is to be found, and the Lidl yarn was dug out from the stash.

First the hat exactly as written, in the grey mix yarn, and with good long strings, as requested by the recipient. Apparently hats like this are fashionable at the moment, in student circles at least.

And then one in the dark navy, without strings. About as simple as an earflap hat can be, really.

Each of these two hats took one skein of the Lidl yarn, that would be 100 grams. I have no idea of the length though, this yarn doesn't have any information about it. Anyway, 8mm needles, and worked flat from the top down, with a seam up the back - a very fast knit indeed.

After this I thought I would make something a little more substantial. The last time I made EZ's Ganomy Hat, the recipient said that they would prefer something a little less gnome-like, not so pointy. Well, it is titled Ganomy (gnome) for a reason, and does have that certain pointiness to it, even though it does have excellent earflaps.

Anyway, I made some modifications this time round, and added decreases to the top at the front and back in order to make a more head-shaped hat. The result is actually rather pleasing - this is probably the best-fitting hat I've ever made. I did make some notes as I was going along, and I hope I'll be able to reproduce this one on request.

This took rather more than one skein of the Lidl yarn, worked firmly on 6.5mm needles to give 4 stitches to the inch, and really I think it has worked very well indeed. For warmth, it would be better made in wool, of course, as would all these hats - but the advantage of these is that they can be thrown in the washing machine with impunity.

Right now, I'm going to go and see how fast I can knit a scarf, because I do want to be wearing Benedikta before the end of the year.


Diane said...

I really like your modified hat. If you've got notes that would help, I'd love to see them. Just for the top decrease would be fine. Great Hat!!

Dusty said...

I love the hat. I just started to make earflap hats. Can you please share the pattern in full according to how you did it. I love that blue hat!


Dusty said...

Thanks in advance for the pattern if you have it.