Sunday, 30 December 2007

Still knitting mitres

Yesterday evening I finished the fourth round of mitres. I've got one more round to work, in colour 2010 which was used for the very first round, as well.

Here are the two sides, first thing this morning.

I'm still not positive which will be the front and which the back. Anyway, when the whole thing is finished, the only break in the symmmetry of the construction will be the neckband seam, placed behind one shoulder. I could get round that by working the neckband in the round, of course, and I'm thinking about doing precisely that.

Today and tomorrow should be quiet. We aren't expecting any guests, so I should have lots of knitting time.

The hats and scarf were well received, by the way, which is always nice.

So, what's left to do? Eight blocks in this fifth round, four more blocks to shape the neckline. Four raglan seams to stitch, the neckband to be picked up and worked, and finally the sleeve seams. That is a fair amount, actually.

Well, whether I finish it before the year's end or whether I don't, I shall enjoy knitting it! This project has really been a joy. I am still thinking about what to start next, and I am very undecided. I could start Sorrel, or I could start the Cobblestone Pullover. The yarn for Earnshaw is sitting there on the shelf looking luscious, as well. Or maybe Mr Greenjeans? Or Malt?

So many choices. I think I shall just enjoy Benedikta for the time being, and then make my husband's promised sleeveless pullover, probably.


Lindsey said...

That really is awesome. It seems like it would be a lot of fun--no boring bits, which is part of what turns me off from a lot of sweater knitting. I can't wait to see the final product, whenever you get it done!

I have been inspired by all your awesome big knitting, and am trying to buy less yarn for small projects and save up to buy bigger quantities for sweaters, instead. I have hopes to buy yarn in the PY sale this afternoon for a cardi, for starters! :-) Keep up the inspiring work.

martelle said...

This is looking really inspiring. I love the fact that you post your WIP as you go along - it gives me vicarious knitting pleasure as my knitting progresses far more slowly than yours LOL. I'm really looking forward to seeing this when it is finished. I'd like to try it, but would need to refer to your resizing ideas.