Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Riddle me this....

I am wondering. Maybe I am missing something incredibly obvious here. Let me run this past you, and perhaps somebody can help me here.

The finished chest measurement for Benedikta is, according to the pattern, 46 1/2" - 118 cm. Tension is 20 stitches to 10 cm in stocking stitch - so that would be 5 stitches to the inch. There is no shaping in the body of the pullover at all.

All fine so far. Now. The border at the bottom is worked in garter stitch. Tension in garter stitch is usually the same as stocking stitch, with regard to the stitch count - yes? Not the row count, obviously, but that's not the problem.

You see, I've just been sitting here watching the radar on Ravelry, which is incredibly addictive by the way, and knitting garter stitch. Lovely, especially with this nice yarn. But then I held up my work and actually looked at it - and it occurred to me that Benedikta was looking to be rather wide. Not just 46 1/2" around type wide, which is quite big enough thankyou very much, but even wider than that.

So then I did a bit of arithmetic, and got even more worried.

I will explain. The cast on number for each of the two garter stitch borders at the bottom is 129 stitches. If I allow one stitch each side for the seam, then that means that the width of the border is 25.4". Which means a measurement all the way round of 50.8"...... and that is rather wide. Also, it is not 46 1/2".

The cast on number is definitely right. It is the foundation for all those modular blocks, you see. I've checked it all through, and that is the number that the pattern needs.

So, where has that extra 4" come from? And more to the point, where is it going to go? - if anywhere?

Maybe the lower edge of Benedikta is sort of scalloped - that has occurred to me. It doesn't show anything like that in the photographs in the book, which doesn't mean that it won't be the case, of course. So this might be it - but at the moment I cannot tell, and anyway I don't think I would be seeing this happening until there were at least a couple of rows of blocks.

Or maybe Benedikta is just going to be huge. I do hope not - somebody, please tell me I've made a silly error in my arithmetic?

In the meantime, I am going to knit a swatch and check my stocking stitch tension. I don't do this very often. Extreme measures, definitely.


Heather said...

This may be something that varies from knitter to knitter, but for me, using most yarns, my garter stitch tension is wider than my stocking stitch tension. This may be what is causing the discrepancy?

picperfic said...

yes I'm with Heather and also I think the mitred pattern will draw it in a bit too...