Thursday, 27 December 2007

Resizing Benedikta

Before I forget - I've had a couple of queries about this.

Benedikta has a finished size of 46 1/2" around the chest, and although this is fine for me, with plenty of positive ease, it isn't going to suit everyone. Fortunately, resizing is entirely possible.

There are several ways to alter the sizing of a pullover with a modular construction like this. Firstly, you could play around with the gauge. I wouldn't really recommend this, unless of course you wanted to use a different yarn. Noro Silk Garden Lite works up very nicely at 5 stitches to the inch, and I would stay with that.

It would also be possible to alter the number of blocks around the body, but you'd have to add an even number of blocks both front and back, in order to keep the V neckline and the raglan sleeve shaping. Each block measures 5 3/4" across - so adding two blocks front and back would add 23" in total, bringing the chest measurement up to 69". Now there are pullovers with a shape like this - wide and drapy - and they work very well. I'm thinking of Shirin Guild's work, specifically - have a look at the collections. Ok, not handknit, but you get my drift. I absolutely love Shirin Guild's clothes actually, they are very flattering and wearable - although I will admit that I get them from eBay rather than new from her shop.

Where was I? - right, wide and drapy. Very wide actually. Maybe good, maybe not - needs thought.

Last method - and the best, I think - would be to change the dimensions of the blocks. As the pattern is written, each block is 5 3/4" wide - and there are four blocks point-to-point across the width - so that gives 46" or thereabouts.

For a pullover that would be 40" around, we'd need each block to measure just 5" across from point to point. A bit of arithmetic tells us that a block with 18 stitches to a side would measure just very fractionally over 5" across - giving a garment measurement around of just about 41", and a 17 stitch block would measure 4.8" across - giving a garment measurement of about 38 1/2".

So there you are. There will be some other changes that need to be made, but none of them present any difficulty.

The cast on number for the garter bands would need to be changed accordingly, no real problems there. The sweater will be shorter too of course. A couple of extra rounds of blocks could be added - it is quite a short pullover, to begin with - or else just one round, if the garter bands were worked together, so that there were just one seam rather than two. A single seam could be placed behind the right hip perhaps, in much the same way as the neckband seam is placed behind the right shoulder.

The depth of the armhole will be reduced, and this can be compensated for by increasing the depth of the neckband. Also, the depth of the sleeve shaping will need to be reduced correspondingly. It is very easy to alter the width of the sleeve, too, of course.

So resizing Benedikta is not impossible at all. If anyone decides to do this, I'd be really interested to hear about it!

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Queen of the froggers said...

I don't know about any of that, but well done on your new job! Fabulous! I can't wait to here how it goes.