Wednesday, 12 December 2007


First of all, thankyou Heather and Marianne for the reassurance!

I have - of course - carried on. I am sure you are right, the mitres will bring it in a bit. My stocking stitch tension was spot on, so we will just have to see how it goes. Once I have done a couple of rounds of blocks, it will be interesting to see what the width is looking like then.

We don't have to go out or do anything particular today, just for a change, so hopefully I should get plenty of knitting done. I am really enjoying working with this nice yarn. Colour changes get me every time, and it is so nice to have them in a dk weight yarn instead of aran weight.

Anyway, here is the state of play this morning.

I have just finished my 8cm of garter stitch, and I am about to start the points. I am - rather childishly! - looking forward to this.

Tomorrow we have another long drive for the next in the round of pre-Christmas visits, and I think that I may perhaps start one of the sleeves. I'll get this border finished today, of course, and see how far I get with the other one.

Or, if I get them both finished, then I can start the blocks. Now there's a thought!

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