Sunday, 16 December 2007

Not cool?

Recently I have heard it mentioned - more than once - that it is not really 'the done thing' to post pictures of work in progress in one's blog. The thing to do, apparently, is to remain silent until the whole thing is finished, and then post about it.

Well, if that is the case, then I am already a lost cause, and must resign myself to being terminally uncool. So, I will just carry on.

Yesterday I continued working on Benedikta, and I finished the first of the five rounds of blocks, which were worked in colour 2010. I still have almost 100 grams of the original 150 for this colour, so there will be plenty for the other round of blocks to be worked in this colour.

Here is the state of play first thing this morning.

The two sides are looking very different. I have not yet decided which side is going to be the front. At the moment I am tending towards the first one, with the orange stripe in the lower border. I'm really not sure yet though, I will see how I feel as it continues.

There are some striking colour changes in this yarn. I worked the first three blocks in the lower picture - right to left - all in sequence, straight from the skein. Then I switched to another skein and worked that last block that looks light blue and actually is a bright turquoise-y green, followed by the first two on the right in the top picture, all in sequence, once again straight from the skein. Then I switched back to the first skein again, and worked the last two on the left in the top picture.

I'm thinking that maybe I need to give more thought to which colour goes where. Or possibly less thought, and simply leave it up to Eisaku Noro, who certainly knows more about these things than I do.

By the way, I take back what I said before about there being lots of spiky bits in this yarn that needed to be picked out. With 2011, there was a lot. But with 2010, there has been none at all, and I think this may be some sort of record for Noro. No vegetable matter whatsoever.

Also, I'm still thinking that the yarn quantities will be very close as regards 2011. The sleeves and lower borders will take more than six skeins. One round of blocks will take just about one skein, with no picking and choosing of which colour goes where. So that leaves less than one skein for the neckband. Quite possibly not enough, as this is a wide neckband. But with regard to the other yarn colours, there is no problem at all, in fact I am sure there will be substantial leftovers. So that will all work out.

The next round is worked with colour 2015. This goes from black, through grey to mauve to coral/orange, and then gold, deep green, and back to black again. I only have to work one round of blocks in this colour, so I can dip into the three different skeins as I choose.

After that, three more rounds of blocks - 2014, 2011 again, and 2010 again. Then just four blocks to shape the V neck front and back, and all that remains is the sleeve and the neckband. When did I start working this pullover? Tuesday 11th December, I think. At this rate, I might get it finished for next weekend. That would be rather good.

Not sure when I will get to the computer tomorrow - I have that job interview that I mentioned. I find that I am very much looking forward to it actually.


Kai said...

Benedikta is looking really, really great. Loving the colour changes!!

As for not putting up piccies of WIP's, it's your blog. You can do whatever you please! I like seeing WIP's and reading about how a work is progressing. Helps me decide on patterns that are amaybe/maybe not in my mind.

But then I know nothing about 'blog etiquette'

Nevisknitter said...

I like seeing progress pics on blogs, especially for larger projects, looking forward to seeing how the jumper develops as more mitred squares are added.

Pixie said...

You just carry on being un cool!
I might not comment often but really love peeking in and seeing your work.. in what ever stage.
This particular one has me gripped.
Can't wait for the next installment or post lol

Good luck with that interview :)

Margene said...

Beneditka will be a fun project to watch grow. Thanks for putting up pix and telling us about it as you go.

Heather said...

Good luck with the interview.

I for one am really enjoying seeing your work in progress :-) Although I'm afraid I am probably the least cool person out there :-)

Octopus Knits said...

Benedikta looks lovely! If it were me, I would be inclined to just let the colors come as they may : )

I have been hearing this a few places lately (in the context of "I hear it's not the thing to do, but I'm going to show you my WIP") - who started this nasty rumor that it's not "cool" to post about WIPs?

I love seeing projects take shape, hearing about stumbling blocks and fixes. On my own blog, I bemoan the fact that I am not very good at taking in progress photos sometimes, and not very likely to blog while I'm having real difficulties (even though it would be likely that someone might be able to lend me help, or could at least learn from my issues).

Good luck with the job interview!

martelle said...

I'm glad that you are uncool too as I think part of the appeal of a project (especially this one) is seeing it develop. Best of luck for the interview.

Queen of the froggers said...

WIP's inspire me and I love to see progress. I am not going to stop posting about stuff on the needles! I am loving the colours there!

2ply said...

It's your blog - you should do what makes you happy! [I like seeing works in progress, but it's GOT to be up to you! :-)]

picperfic said...

I've never heard it said that its uncool to post your WIP's....I love to see the progress and this Benedikta is looking gorgeous.

LittleBerry said...

I think it's helpful to others to read people thoughts, comments, suggestions, corrections etc and it makes for interesting reading to see wip... at the end of the day it's your blog... you do what you want with it...

Anonymous said...

Not cool to post WIPs? Piffle. The fun is in seeing things grow and develop. Especailly for those of us who don't tackle such large projects.

Surely the point about blogging is that you do what YOU want to do. If people dont' want to read about WIPS they can go and read someone else's blog... there is no rule book.

nicx said...

Just to say good luck with your interview ;)

I always enjoy reading your blog and I love seeing your projects from start to finish so the more WIP the better, its much more interesting and inspiring than being presented with the finished article.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Not cool to post WIPS??
I agree with Cob_web - Piffle!

I like seeing projects grow and hear about the thoughtprocesses and problems along the way.

If I only wanted to look at fabulously presented FOs, I'd just flip through a pattern book!

Benedikta is looking yummy too!