Monday, 17 December 2007

Not cool! and proud of it!

It seems that we are all agreed that we like looking at work in progress. I certainly do - it is so interesting watching a project grow, and hearing about the problems and the pitfalls and the fixes - there is always something that can be learnt.

I talked about process and function a little while ago, and came to the conclusion that whilst I love the process, the success of the product is paramount for me. However, if we didn't enjoy the process, then we wouldn't be knitters in the first place, and observing the process - looking over each others shoulders as we work on our various projects - well, that is nearly as good as working on that project ourselves.

So I think that being 'not cool' is the way to continue.

With regard to Benedikta, unfortunately I don't have anything to show you today. I've been out for much of the day, and this evening I managed to burn my right forefinger. Daft of me, really, picking up a hot pan without a potholder. What was I thinking? Not a lot, apparently.

At the moment it is not really possible to knit, no matter how I do it, as I keep having to stop and put my hand on ice. And it is not so easy to type one handed, either.

I've nearly finished the second round of blocks, by the way. If I hadn't managed to burn myself than I'd be onto the third round this evening. Very annoying, really. But I should be able to get some pictures in the morning, even if there has been a slight pause in the general progress.

I've decided to let Eisaku Noro look after the colour placement, by the way, and this is actually a substantial relief, not to be worrying about whether the block placement could have been improved. The only time I am intervening is when it is obvious that I would end up with two adjacent colours which are pretty much identical - this happened yesterday evening, with two light grey blocks. So I moved over and worked the light grey block in the next slot instead, and then went back and filled the gap.

Much easier just to let it flow. After all, the unexpected combinations of colours are what Noro yarns are all about.

And I'm still thinking about that Earth Stripe Curtain. It is such a big project, as big as three Earth Stripe Wraps. Would I get fed up with it? But it would be so beautiful.....

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Queen of the froggers said...

Burns can be so annoying, I have done the same a fair few times! I hope you are back to knitting soon.