Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday morning

More old Rowan knits.

Rowan 31 was a very useful issue - I made three things from this one. There were two pullovers for my husband - Haigh, in Summer Tweed (what happened to that one? I have no idea) -

- and Mac in All Seasons Cotton, which remains a favourite and is, I think, on the boat at the moment. So I can't photograph that one either.

I changed this slightly. The pattern has the back worked plain, and the front worked in the chequered pattern - I worked them both chequered. Also I altered the neckline. As written, it rolls to the inside, and I changed it to a more usual rolled neckline with the roll on the outside.

I also knitted Anemone for myself - this was not a success. I made too large a size. It was ok, but not flattering, and truthfully I knew that I wouldn't wear it. So I unpicked the seams and frogged the whole thing, and the yarn is back on the shelf. So I don't think that this one counts, really.

Rowan 30 was another good issue. From this I made Drift for my daughter, who was then at university, and also Lottie.

This is a brilliant earflap hat pattern actually, I must make use of it again. I also made Kim Hargreaves little Knitted Bag, again for my daughter.

So, six things knitted, and not one of them actually able to be photographed. I need to do better than that, I think!

Still socking, by the way. You have no idea of the willpower that is involved at this stage - or maybe you do, if you too are stuck with gift knitting. Never again, never again......

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