Friday, 14 December 2007

Friday morning

Just a quick update, as we're off out the door again in a minute. We're going to explore a little in Bristol - well not actually in the city centre, rather a large shopping mall on the outskirts. We haven't been into Bristol at all yet, the only thing we've done so far is zoom past it on the motorway. Today we are going to have a wander around some shops. Hopefully it won't be too crowded, but anyway there is no pressure as we have finished all the Christmas shopping already.

First of all now, before I forget - in response to several queries - this pattern, Benedikta, is from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's new book called 'Wanderlust'. It is pictured on the front cover, actually. The pattern is given for one size only, to fit M/L, finished chest measurement 46 1/2", and the finished length is 23 1/2". It is written for Silk Garden Lite (ugh to the name but most definitely not to the yarn) and it takes 150 grams of each of three contrast colours, and 400 grams of the main colour. Gauge is 20 sts = 10cm in stocking stitch.

I'm using the same colours as suggested in the pattern - 2011 is the main colour, and that's the only one I've actually used so far. Contrasts will be 2010, 2014, and 2015.

I'm finding vegetable matter in the yarn, as seems to be pretty much standard with Noro - except that there seems to be perhaps more than I have encountered before. I suspect this is just because the yarn is slimmer, dk weight instead of aran weight, and so the thorny bits (some of which are quite sharp) are more noticeable. I'm removing them as I go, and I'm finding that the resulting fabric is excellent. I definitely prefer Silk Garden Lite to the standard Silk Garden - but maybe that's just me, I will always pick a finer yarn over a thicker one.

Yesterday was quite a busy day, with lots of driving - however I did manage to get a fair amount done. I've finished the first sleeve completely, and started the second lower border.

Today I want to finish the second border, together with the points, seam the sides, and maybe start the blocks. Or the second sleeve - I'm wondering whether to keep that for travel knitting. I think I will start the blocks, and see how they go. The advantage of modular knitting is that you can always put it down and go and work on another bit.

I'm wondering about the amount of yarn specified in the pattern for the main colour. The first border and one sleeve used more than three skeins - both borders and both sleeves would need most of 7 skeins. That leaves one round of blocks and the neckband - which is wide - to be worked with one and a bit skeins, as the pattern specifies 8 skeins of the main colour.

As each of the three other colours has three skeins each specified, and that is for either one or two rounds of blocks - well, I am wondering if there is enough of the main colour.

On the other hand, there will be plenty of leftovers from at least two of the contrast colours, I expect. And I also think that this allows for the blocks to be started at the beginning of colour sections.

We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

I've only been to Cribbs once, back when it first opened. I do love Bristol for shopping though (I was at uni there and still have lots of friends in the city). I rarely go into Broadmead (marsh? I then lived in Nottingham - one is there and one in Bristol) anymore - although it seems to be undergoing a huge re-development at the moment. Park Street has some funky shops.