Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

It is strange, it doesn't really feel as Christmassy as it did over the weekend. I suppose it is because the frosty weather has left us, and we are back with grey skies and mild temperatures. But it does seem very good to me, just to know that the year has turned, and the days are starting to get longer.

This weekend has been so incredibly busy that I can hardly believe it has been only a couple of days without posting, it feels much longer. There is more family still to arrive - although there is no shopping at all to be done, thank goodness.

I did get the second sleeve finished.

I had a vague idea of trying to get the two sleeves to match, and started the second one with the same colour as the first one. All was well for about two inches or so, and then there was a break with a knot and an abrupt colour change (I undo these, and make a felted join instead) - and then there was another break - and another.... I had given up hope of things matching even remotely, what with extra green stripes and extra orange stripes.

And then - well, you can see! Very surprisingly, they ended up at the same point. Really rather good, but I cannot take any credit for it at all - that is just how it worked out.

Also, I have finished the third round of blocks. This is the back, and I was working from left to right across the top here.

This round was worked in colour 2014, straight from the skein all the way round, exactly as the colours came off the skein. And because I've done this, I can now tell you that one round of blocks takes one whole skein, plus a few yards. The blue block on the top right was the last one, and you can see a little bit of grey at the top - that is the 'few yards'.

There is really going to be plenty of yarn left over. It is apparent Ms Tuttle Hamilton has given yarn requirements that allow for a lot of picking and choosing of colours. Or for having enough yarn left over for a multi-directional scarf!

Now I'm working a round with 2011, the same colour as the garter stitch bands. After that there is a round with 2015, the same colour as the first round of blocks - then four more blocks from whatever colour I choose, to shape the V neckline - and then the neckband.

It will be done before the year ends, that is for certain!

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picperfic said...

I saw this pattern in a wool shop and I thought of you, whoever you arte lol!! I love the design, its stunning! Merry Christmas!