Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tuesday morning

Not a lot of time today, unexpected lunch guests arriving soon.

The Navajo plied handspun is good. Soft, springy and bouncy in a way that the 2 ply just wasn't - and something close to sock weight. I also love the fact that you only have to spin up one bobbin of singles, and then you can ply immediately.

My plying is still pretty horrible, but I know what I need to do about it - practice. Also, this method is a lot less forgiving of unevenness in the single. Thin sections get plied together, and stay thin - thick sections ditto. With the two ply, a thin section was just as likely to end up being plied with a thicker section, and things balanced out. Solution there is to spin a more even single of course.....

Nevertheless, I prefer the three ply. It is just a nicer yarn.

Here it is on the right, with the two ply on the left. I think I will be making more of this, and then I will see what it looks like knitted up. Maybe a Forest Canopy Shawl would be a possibility.

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Lindsey said...

I think your spinning is lovely! I haven't tried Navajo plying yet, I will have to do that soon....of course, I'm still bouncing impatiently waiting for my wheel to arrive! :-)

But your yarn looks great--really quite even, I think!