Thursday, 29 November 2007


I'm not going to inflict on you any pictures of the sock in progress this morning. I'm just about to work the toe shaping on the current sock, so that will be finished today. By lunchtime, in fact, if I actually work on it. The lurgy is still around, but starting to retreat.

That will leave four socks to make - two which are the partners of the last sock and the one that is on the needles at the moment, and one more pair. I am wondering how fast it would be possible to get this lot out of the way. Richard Rutt's gem of information about hand knitters routinely making six pairs a week is making me feel fairly inadequate. Mind you, I do have other things in my life, like the occasional bit of laundry and housework, and walking the dog, and playing the piano....

Yesterday evening, and again this morning, I've been enjoying looking through some old Rowan magazines that I have just bought. I used to have all the Rowan magazines from - I think - number 18 onwards, but some of them went astray in a house move. Actually I do wonder how on earth that can happen. There is no doubt that it does, though.

Anyway it is apparent that my sense of style is still stuck firmly in the late 90's, as I keep finding patterns that I would love to make, and for which I already have appropriate yarn in the stash. Amongst them is the newly rediscovered (well, by me, anyway) Kaffe Fassett pullover Courthouse Steps.

This one is dateless. It is entirely possible to knit (although it is full of intarsia) and it doesn't use too many colours either, being relatively restrained and only using 15 shades. I found one yesterday evening that used no less than 28 different colours, and the chart was printed with absolutely minuscule squares. I'd never be able to cope with that one. I don't think I will ever get round to Courthouse Steps - not realistically - but it is nice to dream.....

This sort of thing is where Ravelry comes into its own. It is so easy to go to my queue, and just add something. Then I have a note of the pattern, the yarn I had in mind, and also where the pattern is to be found, which is extremely important. Well, it would be easy if Ravelry wasn't down for maintenance for half an hour.....

My Ravelry beta tshirts arrived the other day, and they are very nice, made with good quality fabric. I bought a men's XXL which is just as enormous and sloppy as I had hoped, and a women's L, which seems to have been rather optimistic of me - I would describe it as form-fitting. I believe that I should have bought the XL, which apparently fits a UK 14 - 16. Or possibly an XXL would have been more sensible. Never mind. And who knows, I might lose some weight.

I do wonder how manufacturers arrive at their sizing guidelines though. I think that size 16 is now the average in the UK - so how does that equate to XL or XXL?

It might be worth mentioning that my computer has been behaving rather oddly over the last few days. I have had 'the blue screen of death' twice, without warning. Absolutely no idea why, either. It's a relatively new desktop (albeit a very cheap one) running Windows XP, and it is used pretty exclusively for blog browsing (and writing), email, and a bit of eBay and other internet shopping. No sinister downloads here. All rather puzzling. However after a restart each time, all seems to be well. I just hope it is not some sort of ominous signal that the entire thing is about to collapse on me.

And now I shall go and knit some more on this wretched sock.


Queen of the froggers said...

Keep going with the socks! Ignore the housework, I am at the moment. I do a quick tidy up to pretend it is all in order!! ;)

Kai said...

6 pairs a week??? ha! ha! funny..
but keep going, you're nearly finished.