Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tartan Scarf

This piece of gorgeousness is the Tartan Scarf from Rowan 42.

As you can see, I picked the blue colourway, so this is Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Hurricane, with Rowan Tapestry in Lakeland (for the vertical stripes) and Moorland (for the horizontal ones.)

It wasn't exactly easy seeing the scarf in the magazine - here - so this was something of a leap of faith, but I wasn't disappointed.

Really, it is lovely. It is a fun knit, and pretty quick too. I'd say that it took no more than two evenings actually sitting down and working on it. I only needed the second skein of KSH for the fringe, so if I hadn't made the scarf a little longer than the pattern said, then it is quite possible that I could have managed with just one skein.

A success, I think.

I have in mind to make another in earth tones, as well - but that won't be in NOvember. Yes, I am still holding on with this. I still cannot face another sock just yet, so I may pick up the Kauni Cardi again, or possibly Milli.


Kai said...

it's beautiful! still looking for my rowan mag... :D

Jess said...

wow! it's gorgeous. I'm knitting this scarf right now. The loops on either side of the vertical stripes are noticeably bigger than I think they should be, so I was just wondering if there is a trick to fix that?