Friday, 16 November 2007

In which I demonstrate exactly how fickle I am

Talking about my Twelve Sweaters - well, I did say that things were subject to change, and it would appear that I meant it, because it has only stayed intact for one day. But really, it isn't my fault. I've just received my copy of Indigo Knits , you see.

This is a truly excellent book, and I am looking forward to sitting down and reading it through thoroughly. Some of the patterns are old classics which I remember from years ago, and I am very glad to see them again. Some of them are new and equally excellent - a whole lot of very wearable things in this book, all written for my absolute favourite yarn.

One of the old classics is the Cornish Knit Frock.

And now that I've seen this - well, pattern number 7 on the list, Jamesey, is simply not going to happen, excellent though it is, because I am going to use the Pakucho Cotton for the Cornish Knit Frock instead.

I shall have to do a little swatching to check the shrinkage, because that isn't going to be quite the same as a denim yarn - rather less, I believe. But even the prospect of actually having to wash and dry a swatch, let alone knitting one in the first place - even that isn't going to put me off.

An excellent pattern, this one - I've been watching with interest as Kay has progressed with hers, which is now finished - you can see it here. Mine will be rather different in the Pakucho, of course. This stuff still shrinks in the wash, of course, but the colour intensifies with washing and wearing, rather than fading. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out.

And then, Whitby.

At some point. Let us not get ahead of ourselves - I do have a fair amount to be getting on with, after all. But soon.

I can't tell you how pleased I was to see this pattern in the book. You see, I had one of these lovely sweaters many years ago, from the Artwork ready-to-wear line - and it got lost. I remember being pretty annoyed when I realised that I didn't seem to have it any more, but I had no idea where (or even precisely when) it had gone astray. Anyway, now I can make another one of my very own. And when I can make my mind up which sweater to take out of the list, then Whitby is going in. Maybe I need a list of things waiting to go on the list.

But really, I love this sweater, it is just so beautifully balanced. The Artwork Whitby that I lost years ago had two pockets, and I will be considering that as an amendment to the pattern. Or maybe not - it might not be an improvement - needs thought.

And very possibly there will be the Pirate Stripe Guernsey, too.

That is on the mental waiting list as well. Let no-one say that I am not optimistic, even if I am fickle.

I am still working on the Marathon Socks (aka Foggy socks) and I'm not going to inflict a picture on you. I will just say that I would have been looking to finish these today if I hadn't made a daft mistake yesterday, which meant that there was frogging. I'm reknitting, and today or tomorrow will see these finished.

I do want them done - the Kauni Rainbow is calling........

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Nevisknitter said...

I would start with my favourite and decide each month what to knit next. Who knows, there may be a pattern published next year that you just have to knit. Think I will try to get more cardigans made next year, but not one a month