Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I hate socks

Right now I do, anyway.

Heather is absolutely right, socks are indeed other-thing-avoidance. But the converse of this is that if you are knitting socks non-stop because you really need just to get them done, then you cannot knit anything else.

And that is the situation I am in at the moment. You know how it goes, I always want what I can't have. So right now I want to knit just about anything but socks.

I am working on them, truly I am - they won't get finished if I don't - but without much enthusiasm. I am not feeling quite so unwell now - this is definitely something flu-related, we have both got it - and yesterday I did actually knit half a sock. That means four and a half socks to go.

I can tell you one thing, next year I will not be knitting so many socks for Christmas gifts. I haven't had nearly so many requests in previous years, and this year I am definitely over-committed. It isn't that I don't have time to do them, it is just that I have had enough of socks right now.... I think that maybe I need to teach people to knit, instead of giving them socks.

I still very much like the idea of finishing what I have on the needles by the end of the year - specifically Milli and Kauni. Ruffles and Birch don't seem like quite so much of a problem.

But I haven't forgotten my Twelve Sweaters. I really want to be getting on with Benedikta, this would be such fun to make. And I want the Cobblestone Pullover to be finished, because I want to wear it. The Cornish Knit Frock has already replaced Jamesey - and I've got Sally Melville's Simple Cardi waiting in the wings, and the Trapeze tank, also the Aimee Pull, and Wild Apples is high on the waiting list as well..... and there might just be something in Dream in Color's worsted weight yarn Classy, as well. And it might just be in Black Parade.......

Actually that is Seventeen Sweaters now. Maybe I should put it in the sidebar, then I can keep playing with it. You know, thinking about knitting - and writing about knitting- is almost as much fun as actually knitting.

And they both constitute sock avoidance, definitely.

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