Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wednesday evening

Well, the kitchen no longer smells of sheep, but this evening the conservatory smells of damp wool. The washed fleece still isn't dry, despite being outside half of yesterday and all day. Where has the sunshine gone?

The first Lilac sock is finished, and the second is cast on - in fact I have finished the picot hem - but there is no way that Blogger is going to cope with any pictures whilst my connection is as slow as this. I shall put up some photos of the lifeline cast-on in progress tomorrow morning.

By the way, before I forget - there is a small but not insignificant error in the illustration of this cast-on in Yarn Forward magazine. They have added colour to my scruffy pen and ink drawing and made it quite miraculously colour-coordinated and beautiful - but in the process, the line representing the first stitch on the needle has not been put back in quite the right place. So, it now looks as though the first stitch was a yarnover - and it isn't. It is an ordinary straightforward knit stitch. I am told that the errata should be going up on the Yarn Forward website next week, but hopefully nobody will be too confused in the meantime.

What else - my husband is feeling slightly better, to the extent that he actually managed the stairs today and has spent a certain amount of time pottering around - without sitting down. Sitting down is another problem entirely. The rest of the time he is still flat on his back, but the medication is definitely helping, and tomorrow he will hopefully show further improvement. I certainly hope so - this has been quite memorable painful for him, I can see.

I have also cast on for the Koigu Swirly Scarf - but not in Koigu, in Tess Dawson's Baby Alpaca 4 ply. This is beautiful stuff, as I believe I may have mentioned already a few times....!

I decided to use the needle sizes as given in the pattern, and I've just got past the second set of increases and changed up to the larger needles. I decided to use my Addi circs for this, rather than Denise's - and it seeme to have been a good choice. With so many stitches on the needle, you want them to slip along as easily as possible. The 80 cm length is going to work nicely throughout, I believe.

Anyway, more tomorrow - Blogger and my broadband connection permitting.

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Queen of the froggers said...

Nothing seems to dry in this weather even with the sun out. Glad to hear your husband is getting better.