Saturday, 9 June 2007

Still here

I am indeed still here - and I think it is becoming apparent that I can't move house and blog regularly at the same time. There are people who manage this, but I don't seem to be among them.

Sorting and clearing out is just so time consuming. There is a certain cathartic pleasure in letting go of things not needed, true - but really I would rather be spending my time and energy doing other things, such as knitting, reading, playing the piano, walking..... I miss my spare time!

It's not just the sorting and packing of course, there is also the driving to and from the new house, the meetings, the telephone calls... it seems neverending at the moment. But in just a few weeks it will all be done with, and I do have that to look forward to.

I am still knitting, whenever I can find the time.

The Illusion pullover has one sleeve finished now, and the second still to be worked. I will have enough yarn to finish - I had six skeins left for the sleeves, and the first sleeve took all but a very few yards of three skeins. So that is alright.

The Grasshopper socks are continuing as well, in fact I've been working on them a little today. I am working the gusset on the second sock at the moment. I do want to get these finished soon, as the June sock kit will be on it's way soon, I am sure. And it would also be nice to get another pair done before that, if I can fit it in - although that may be wishful thinking again on my part.

Exchequered is not forgotten, I worked on it a little yesterday. My son is keen for this to be finished, despite the fact that the weather no longer justifies it. I am also quite keen for it to be finished, as I am getting bored with green and black squares and would like to start something else.

S0 - when these three projects are finished, I shall replace each of them with something else. The next sock will hopefully be the Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy that I bought last weekend, in my standard sock pattern, to fit my husband. The next scarf/shawl project will probably be the Tuscany shawl from 'No Sheep for You', in Fiddlesticks Country Silk, Marrakesh colourway.

But the next garment project is another matter. I know that I ought to start the black Cotton Fleece Simple Cardigan, but it doesn't appeal right now..... So I have some alternatives in mind, and I will have to make my mind up soon.

There is Thrift, from Rowan 27. I have loved this pullover for years. It is only a simple shape, but I love all the little coloured squares, and I love the blanket stitching too. Or there is the Summer Pullover from The Knit Stitch, in some vintage Rowan California Cotton from the stash - no, maybe not, I don't think I want more garter stitch just yet. Or Clovelly from Classic Coast, in RYC Cotton Jeans.... I think this will be the one. I would like to have it in my wardrobe, to pick up and wear - that is always very motivating. And I know the neckline will suit me....

But part of me wants detail and fine yarn. And that means either Alice Starmore's Cape Cod, in Rowan 4 ply cotton - or else the Chevron Sweater from Erika Knight's Glamour Collectibles.

I am just going to have to see what feels right, when Illusion is finished.

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Queen of the froggers. said...

The patterns from the ryc classic coast are very nice, I have only just seen this book out. I hope things calm down soon.