Friday, 15 June 2007


We all know that knitting affects the space time continuum - as you get near the end of the skein when you are running out of yarn, you knit faster - that way the yarn lasts longer. Of course.

But there are definitely times when I feel that something else is going on as well.

Yesterday, I wound up the Kauni yarn - and the cashmere as well, which you can see lurking at the back there. So, I started with this great big loose-ish skein of wool. It did look slightly tangly, I will admit.

And eventually, I ended up with this. However it wasn't easy - I mean really it wasn't easy. there were moment when I thought I was going to have to cut the yarn. And I never do that.

I mean, how hard can it be? You untwist the skein, you snap it a few times to settle everything as much as you can, you put it nicely on the swift, you untie the ties and take off the label, and off you go with the winder.

There are no real tangles - there can't be. All that's happened to the yarn in the skein is that it's been wound around and around and around. Sometimes it might look like there is a tangle - all it will be is a loop thats become pulled back on itself. You pull the loop out, follow it around the skein and place it back over the top of the swift, and all will be well.

Except not with this skein. I promise, I was beginning to believe that part way through skeining it had exited space time as we know it, turned itself inside out a few times and tied itself in knots unknown to our geometry - and then come back here and sat there waiting for an unsuspecting victim. Me, in other words.

It took ages. At one point I actually went and found the other end and started winding by hand to try to get some of the more inextricable bits sorted out. I have never had a skein like this before, and I certainly hope that the next instalment of Kauni (yes, there will be more!) will be a significant improvement. However if it turns out to be the same, then at least I can say that I'm not surprised.

Anyway, the yarn. The colours are just what I wanted - cream, soft biscuit brown, and soft grey. And although initially the yarn seemed to be on the rough side, actually handling it during winding has shown me that there is a lot of lanolin still in this yarn, definitely. It smells slightly of sheep, in a pleasant way. I am sure it will soften and expand with washing. And in the meantime, it has given me lovely soft hands, which is a nice bonus.

Also, here you can see the finished Grasshoppers, looking appropriately seaweedy for a colourway called Walking on the Wild Tide. Just to recap, this is Blue Moon's April sock kit. The yarn is Socks That Rock Silkie, a brand new yarn, which I can totally recommend. They are worked on #2 Boye's (2.75mm), producing a tension spot on for the pattern, of 8 spi over stocking stitch, much to my surprise.

Excellent pattern, world class yarn.

This weekend, I will continue with the Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy socks, which are going very nicely thankyou, and I absolutely must get the Illusion pullover finished. It has gone on far too long, especially for something that was supposed to be a super-quick knit, and anyway I want to be wearing it, the weather is just right for it at the moment. We will not discuss Exchequered. I cannot face any more little squares..... and yet I must.....


Kai said...

the yarn looks absolutely stunning and so do the grasshoppers.. :)

Queen of the froggers. said...

I have had a few skeins behave badly like that, like you I have not cut the yarn, yet!! I gave up using my winder and just the swift because I am always untangling! I like the socks!