Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Four days....

Four days left until the removals van arrives. I still cannot really take this in.

We went down to Wiltshire yesterday for our 'New Home Demonstration'. We now know how to work the scary pressurised water system - well, in theory - how to programme the central heating (easy!) - and where all the stopcocks are, which is always a good thing.

And the house - the house is just lovely. The rooms are all a good size, and it is well planned. Very importantly, the third bedroom is going to be our craft room. It will be fairly crowded, but it will be just what we want. A big sofa for sitting and knitting; a favourite chair by my spinning wheel, with my floor-standing needlepoint frame nearby; a desk with the computer, and my husband's easel and paints... and the yarn storage, not to be forgotten! One wall is going to be shelves, floor to ceiling.

There is a wonderful view from the back of the house - a long, long view, right across the Avon valley towards Bath, and not a single house in sight, just trees. Lots of trees, and hills. Lovely.

The boat will be literally four minutes walk from the house.

And none of it seems quite real, which is strange.

We have planned and dreamed about this house, in this location. We were so very pleased to find it and so completely downcast when we were told that we had lost it - that was very hard to take on board. We had just about accepted that it was never going to happen, when everything was reversed, and it was ours again - but that initial elation hasn't come back. I think that it won't be until we are actually there, then we will be able to finally believe it, really believe it....

There have been some minor hitches, but nothing that won't get sorted out. A missing flight of steps, which should give access to the back of the garage. Yes, completely not there. A missing conservatory - it's been raining, which means they are behind schedule. And the most unbelievable piece of 'jobsworth' nonsense with regard to the phone line that I have ever come across.

I'll tell you about that. The house has three phone sockets. The main socket is inconveniently placed in the hallway, there is one in the sitting room, and another in the main bedroom. The tails of the wires from the other sockets have been led back to the main socket, and are sitting there waiting to be connected. The wires are all beautifully hidden behind the walls, as you'd expect with a new build house.

But! - the housebuilders will not connect them, as they are not allowed to touch the phone company's wiring. According to them, the phone company has to do it.

But! - the phone company will not connect them, as they did not install the sockets. It's not a case of they will only do it if we pay a fee - they will not connect them, flat, absolutely adamant about it, will not. They are quite happy to come and install more sockets next to the ones we already have, and run wiring along the surfaces of the walls, through the house and back to the main socket. But connect up those existing sockets? No chance. More than their jobs worth.... According to them, the housebuilders have to do it.

But! - the housebuilders are not allowed to touch the phone company's wiring, so they cannot connect anything to it. The phone company has to do it.

And so on and so forth, round and round we go in circles ....

Grrrr. I will get this sorted. I will.....

I've been spending a lot of time on the phone. Far too much time, actually.

I have been doing some knitting, but not a lot. If I'd spent as much time knitting as I've spent on the phone, I'd be a considerably less stressed person this evening.

However, the first of the Meilenweit socks is completed. This is the first time that I've worked with a cotton based sock yarn, and this is a pleasant yarn to work with. It is easy on the hands, with a pleasant silky feel to it, and the fabric has a good stretch to it. I will cast on for the second sock this evening if I get time.

The second sleeve of the Illusion pullover is in progress - about one third complete, actually. I would like this pullover finished, I want to wear it, as I think I already mentioned. Not much more to do now.

Incidentally, it is also four days until I lose internet access. In theory we will be getting net access again towards the end of next week, but I will reserve judgement on the likelihood of that, for the time being.

Four days.....


Lindsey said...

Oh how excited you must be about the big move! Your new house sounds amazing....

Phone companies seem to be evil everywhere. Is there a government agency that regulates them at all? I know I once fought with a phone company for months over something, and then when I still hadn't gotten my way, I wrote to the state utilities commission. I got my money back AND the phone company sent me flowers! (seriously. A big huge lovely bouquet!) It's way more work than it should be to get the level of service you pay for with most companies, but if you put in the time and effort, you can usually get what you want/need in the end.

feltboots said...

All the best with your move, hope it goes smoothly.

And when you're back online, please post some photos of the views, your new home sounds just idyllic !

Wishing you much happiness in your new home, Diane