Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Yet more frogging

Flicca is progressing backwards rather than forwards at the moment. The pattern says 7mm needles - and my beloved Denise's don't have a 7mm needle, so I cast on with 6.5mm. I thought it would be fine. But after about half a dozen rows, it was apparent that the tension was a teeny bit firm. I know, I ought to have worked a swatch, but I didn't.....

So, there then ensued one of those expeditions to the loft where I usually fail to find what I am looking for - but in this case I did come up with a pair of 7mm needles. These are a really, really old pair of long Aero straights, which I have had for more years than I care to think about. They are the only pair of 7mm that I own, it seems.

So, I continued on the 7mm needles - and, you have guessed it - after another half dozen rows it was apparent that although the tension was now correct, the line where I switched needles was actually visible. So I frogged it.

I did cast on again with the 7mm needles straight away, but I have only worked one row. This is because I am having some problems with my left hand. I think it is because I am working with a long pair of straight needles, and my hands just aren't used to it. I've tried switching to combined knitting, but it isn't helping.

So I have come to a halt. Maybe a rest will help. I certainly hope so, I don't like being unable to knit.


Heather said...

Hope the hands are feeling a bit better soon.

7mm is a tricky size, several of the Garnstudio yarns call for that and most American sets don't have it. For my circular cardi I bought 3 Addi circulars in different lengths (I could probably have got away with the two longer ones but I didn't think about it enough in advance).

Kai said...

*hugs* sounds a bit stressful..
Hope the hands are better soon.