Thursday, 31 May 2007

Still here

I am indeed still here, although you wouldn't know it from reading this blog. We are moving house very soon, and I am sorting things, taking rubbish to the local dump (aka household recycling centre), packing boxes, taking things to the charity shop, and selling things.

And no, I'm not selling any of my yarn stash!

I have done remarkably little knitting. Exchequered continues to grow, but the Grasshopper socks haven't been touched. And even though I am not knitting fast at all - thankyou Bronte! - I do believe that there is going to be enough yarn for the sleeves. Probably. And if there isn't, then it will be a remarkably close thing.

One thing I discovered yesterday was that Marion Foale's website has closed, sadly. I am a long time fan of this lady's work. I have an original Foale knitted jacket which I love, my children wore little knitted sweatshirts made from her pattern published many, many years ago in the Sunday Times, and I've made garments from her Classic Knitwear book. This is now sadly out of print, but still to be found on eBay from time to time.

Her patterns and yarnpacks were far from cheap, as with her original garments, but to my mind worth the price. I am sorry to see this enterprise does not seem to have met with success, and I hope that she will be back.

Finally, Kai has tagged me for a meme on 8 random facts about myself. Right now I cannot think of 8 random facts about anything..... next post though. I promise.

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