Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Rosewood needles, and other things

By popular request - more regarding the rosewood needles. They are made by Oso Lanoso, and they came from Foreign Strand. They really are excellent quality. The points are wonderful, the sizing is consistent, and the finish is perfect. They seem so delicate! - but I am looking forward to casting on with them soon. The merino/tencel sock yarn came from the same place, I believe.

Flicca came with me to knitting group today, and seems to have been adjudged a success. I did not wear it, because summer has decided to return, and today was not cardigan weather at all. I am sure it won't last, though.

The Illusion pullover is going very fast indeed. I have finished the back now, and cast on for the front. I am reluctant to predict how long it will take to complete - but this rate, the middle of next week is not an impossibility. It is very easy knitting, though. Garter stitch in a nice silky yarn - a very pleasant combination. I do enjoy garter stitch, unfashionable though it is. One thing with this yarn though - it is interesting measuring the length - the fabric drops substantially when you hold it vertically.

I still don't love the citrus lace though. The colour is stunning, but it is so 'not me' that I am just not enjoying working with it. I am going to see my mother tomorrow, and I will take it down with me - I think it will be just her cup of tea.

My mother is flatbound at the moment, and says that knitting is saving her sanity. Can you believe this? She lives on the first floor in an apartment block of sheltered housing intended for elderly people, with a resident warden. There are two lifts. They have both been modified, for health and safety reasons, apparently. Because of these modifications, it is now not possible to get a wheelchair into either of the lifts. Madness.....

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