Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Paddington Hat

One more quick project finished. I had four and a bit skeins of the Jo Sharp Desert Garden left when from the top down raglan, and I thought a nice straightforward cotton hat would be just the thing.

The pattern is the Bucket Hat from Bonne Marie and it is a very quick and easy knit. Impeccably written, I should add, as always with this designer. She is a lady for whom I have great respect - her patterns are flattering, reliable, and really very good indeed.

So, here is the hat in the sunshine, looking rather washed out. It isn't really floating in mid-air, it is sitting on top of my button tin, which has the same diameter as my head - although not the same shape, I hasten to add.

And another shot with me wearing it. This time the colour is true.

The pattern comes in three sizes - I made the Medium, which has a finished measurement of 22" around. Now, my head actually measures 23 1/2", and I originally cast on for the Large size, which is 24". I had completed the brim and about an inch of the body of the hat when I realised that, really, this was going to be too big. So I frogged it all - believe me, I didn't want to, because garter stitch with thick cotton on small needles is hard on the hands, and I would have it all to do again.

But if it's worth doing at all, then it's worth doing right. So I frogged it and cast on again immediately for the Medium size, which fits me nicely. After all, knitting stretches.

This took two and a bit skeins of the Desert Garden, so that's more than 120 yards, but less than 180. Say 150 yards. If I make it again, as I well might, I will work another couple of rows in the side of the hat. But, as I said before, I do have a rather big head.

Oh yes - and 'Paddington' because my husband says it looks like Paddington Bear's Hat.

I have just cast on for Flicca, by the way.


LittleBerry said...

looks great Fiona, always nice to find a designer whos designs are classy & fit well etc.... You're certainly on a roll with your FO's at the moment....

Helen said...

Great hat :)

I too have a degree in physics from Sheffield Uni. There were about 6 of us & about 50 chaps, but there was never anything sexist said to my hearing. I just think it's a shame when someone who is in such a potentially brilliant position to inspire people to the subject turns out to be working against them.

Helen said...

Hopefully women will now rise up to prove him more wrong!

I'll stop now. Sorry for ranting on your blog ;)

Queen Frogger said...

The hat fits so well. I like the felted hat pattern on that website too.

Kai said...

lovely hat.. :) and it definitely reminds me of Paddington Bear... so sweet.. aww.. :)