Sunday, 27 May 2007

Oh, the suspense....

The front and back of the Illusion pullover are both finished. I have joined the shoulders with a three needle bind off, and I have worked the back neckband - this is done in two parts, as extensions from the front. I am not going to seam this as the pattern says, I am instead going to graft the two ends together. It does seem to me that with thicker yarns, one must be more careful about finishing.

However, I may now have a slight problem. I now have six skeins of yarn left out of the original seventeen prescribed by the pattern, plus some oddments, and I am feeling distinctly uneasy about this. Usually I buy an extra skein, just in case. But with this yarn, seventeen skeins was all that there was in stock, so I have no margin for error here.

Will I be able to get a sleeve done with three skeins of yarn?


Kai said...

oh now that is a bit worrying.. hopefully it should be enough.

Also, on another note've been, you've been tagged for a Meme on 8 random facts about yourself. :) Take a look at my blog.

Bronte said...

Yes. Yes you will. Knit faster so that you're done before the yarn has a chance to run out. :-)