Friday, 18 May 2007

It didn't last

The house crisis is averted (again) and all is now back on track. For the time being, that is.

We cannot quite believe that it is going to work, and are waiting for something else to go wrong. It seems as if everything that possibly could go wrong so far, has done. You name it, it happened. Even our solicitor is saying this is the worst she has dealt with for years.

But maybe it will be alright. We aren't going to feel safe until we actually have the keys to the new place in our hands - and that is getting so close now.

So, I am knitting again. And sleeping at night, which is also helpful. And not pacing up and down talking heatedly on the telephone, which is even better.

I am not going to inflict on you any further pictures of the big grey blob which is going be a finished Flicca in the hopefully not too distant future - I will just say that the back is of course done, as are both sleeves, and it looks as if I will be finishing one of the fronts today.

So that just leaves the other front, the making up, the collar, and the front edging. Hmmm. Not impossible, but I do like to take my time with the finishing, it makes all the difference.

In the meantime, I have been looking at my copy of IK Summer 07, which has just arrived. I am not greatly taken with any of the projects this time - but I do like the Merging Colours Scarf by Candace Strick, highlighted in the Yarn Spotlight article. It's on page 10, and Candace Strick's website is here - the colours are just stunning, I think.

Once Flicca is finished, I shall have to decide what to do next. There is the black Cotton Fleece cardi from The Purl Stitch; there is Clovelly in lovely Rowan Cotton Jeans; there is the unnamed lace stole in Kid Silk - or there is some rather nice GGH Illusion which arrived the other day, so soft and silky, in a beautiful mix of blues. This is destined to be a sweater from Rebecca 29 I believe. But which is to be first? I cannot decide.....

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