Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Flicca is finished

Yesterday I finished seaming and added some narrow velvet ribbon inside the back neckline. This morning, a quick and gentle press with a cool iron - and we are done. I must say I am rather pleased with the finished result.

This is Flicca - made in the suggested yarn, in the second size, exactly as written apart from using short row shaping and a three needle bind off at the shoulders, and working the collar and front edgings all in one. Yarn quantities given in the pattern are generous - I only used 19 skeins, not 22. A quick and easy knit, this is really nice to wear. It is comfortable, soft and light, and it will be just right for cool mornings and evenings.

I have cast on immediately for the V neck garter stitch pullover from Rebecca 29. I have not worked with any GGH yarn before, nor have I used a Rebecca pattern. This is going to be another simple and quick knit, and the yarn is very pleasant to use - it has a nice silky feel, with some weight to it, and an excellent drape. The tension looked to be interesting - the suggested tension worked in garter stitch for the pattern was exactly the same as the suggested tension on the ballband, for stocking stitch. I was anticipating a problem here, but all was well. A change of needle size did the trick.

I'm on the second skein already. Really, after all that ribbing for Flicca - the whole garment was worked in rib, don't forget! - some nice straightforward garter stitch is just what I need.

I have also cast on for a lace stole to my own design, in citrus yellow Kaffe Fassett Kid Silk. I am not entirely sure about this at the moment, so I will take it to knitting group tomorrow and see what other people think about it - a photo tomorrow if I don't frog it. It is very yellow, and I am not sure whether it works or not. We shall see what the consensus is.

Something else - a birthday gift from my lovely daughter. I was so pleased and surprised when I opened the package! - a set of 2mm rosewood dpns, with a quite stunningly beautiful rosewood tube to store them in, together with my other sock needles - and two skeins of merino tencel sock yarn, in soft greens, greys, and creams. I keep picking the yarn up and stroking it. It is just so soft, and there is a lovely sheen to it as well. Absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful surprise. Things of beauty, indeed.

I have plans for more future knitting, as well. I have already mentioned Brandon Mably's new book, Knitting Color. My favourite project from here is this vest, in organic stripes of several greens, brown, tan, and blue grey. I am very taken with this, and I think it will look even better made up. Very 'Peruvian Connection', don't you think?

And finally, the uncertainty regarding our house sale and purchase is now resolved - today we finally exchanged contracts.

So all in all, it has been a very good day indeed.


Lisa said...

Lovely, lovely! I look forward to seeing it tomorrow. The lace project sounds intriguing as well!

Lothlorian said...

I HAVE to know where the needles are from...life or death NEED here they are soo pretty

Helen said...

Your Flicca looks wonderful. I love the soft colour.

Lovely birthday yarn and needles too :)

Kai said...

Flicca looks fabulous.

and what a lovely present from your lovely daughter! Those needles look so, so nice...

Queen Frogger said...

Flicca is lovely, shame the weather has turned nice so it won't get worn for a while!