Saturday, 19 May 2007

Feast your eyes

Well, I did say I liked it. And it arrived really fast, too. Eight skeins of lovely soft fine merino, in the most stunning and subtle range of colours. I ordered the Arioso Scarf Kit, but I'm not going to use this pattern, I shall make the one from Interweave Knits which is much more to my taste - although I shall omit the flower trims. Simple is good, I believe. With colours like this, you can let the yarn do all the work for you.

I shall have to be quite organised when I knit this, some of the colours are very close. But aren't they gorgeous? Right now, I just want to keep looking at them. Whilst knitting Flicca, of course.

I know what's going to be next though. This is GGH Illusion, shade 04, and I bought it at Knit Happens. It is a rather nice mixture of blues and greys, looking quite bright here but less so in reality. This will be a simple V neck sweater from Rebecca 29. First time I shall have used a Rebecca pattern, first time using GGH yarns as well.

The yarn came in a nice sensible drawstring bag, which is big enough to be used to hold the project whilst I'm working on it. I just love little touches like this.

Flicca is going well actually. I am working on the last piece, one of the fronts, and that should get finished today, so I can work the collar and edging tomorrow.

I believe I have found an error in the pattern regarding the armhole depth, it is only there for the first three sizes and it is easy to spot. I have adjusted accordingly, and I am just hoping that it isn't really some wonderfully clever way of giving a better fit, which I have completely failed to understand. I don't think it is - I think it is just a typo. But I am still wondering.

One thing I am going to change, though. The instructions say to join the shoulder seams, and then pick up stitches and work the collar, then to pick up along one front and work the edging, then the other front, and finally to seam the ends of the collar and the edgings together invisibly. I am not so keen on all this, so I am going to work the edgings and the collar all in one, and to that end I bought myself a long 7mm circ this morning. It will be a lot of stitches on the needle, but worth it for the improvement in the finish, I think.

In the meantime, I have just received a copy of Brandon Mably's new book, Knitting Color. Mr Mably does not disappoint. There are a few items that simply defy description - I think they are intended to be joky, but they certainly don't work for me. I was beginning to feel that I had wasted my money at this point, but then I started finding the good stuff, of which there is plenty.

There are many, many beautiful things, including some extremely wearable garments - three of which I want to knit immediately - and some that are stunning, but which I don't think I could ever get away with wearing. I could wear them if I was tall and willowy, but I am not. I am less than 5'4", and I haven't been willowy in the slightest for about 30 years. Never mind. They are still beautiful.

In the meantime, on with Flicca.


Kai said...

those are absolutely stunning colours. so, so perfect.

can't wait to see the scarf you're going to make...

Helen said...

Such pretty yarns. Looking forward to seeing them knitted up.