Monday, 14 May 2007

Eight more days.....

Well. I have been knitting Flicca for five days now, in theory. We will ignore the fact that I did no knitting at all on Saturday - not on Flicca, anyway. I did knit the neckband on a pullover that my mother is making - it's difficult when your sight isn't what it used to be. On Sunday I finished the back of Flicca, and then was laid low by a migraine.

Today, I made the first sleeve, so I am approaching the halfway point, and Flicca should be finished in good time, if all goes well.

I've used nine skeins so far, and it's clear that I will have yarn left over. This isn't a problem though, it is a good useful colour, and people always need hats.

From the comments - Natalie - it's interesting that you should suggest forest green for a top down raglan, I had one of those planned for my husband. There is a stack of Peace Fleece worsted in Hemlock somewhere in the stash, which for quite some time has been earmarked for this. I am a huge fan of Peace Fleece, they make wonderful yarn, and I love their colours.

But I have changed my mind about the pattern. In my meanderings through Knitting Without Tears, which I have been slowly re-reading, I find myself increasingly taken with the idea of a seamless hybrid sweater, with a shirt yoke across the back neck.

To my mind, the main disadvantage of a top down sweater is that there is so much of it to carry around, for most of the time. If I work from the bottom up, then as EZ points out, I can make the body and the sleeves separately, and only have the whole huge thing to carry around whilst I am working the top part - much better, I believe.

And I also believe that this sweater shape is likely to fit my husband very well, definitely better than a straightforward raglan.

I am sure you have seen BrooklynTweed's wonderful version of this sweater - if not, then I recommend that you go and see it.

Tomorrow - the second sleeve, I think. The Grasshoppers and Exchequered will just have to wait!

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Kai said...

hmm.. that sounds like a very interesting sweater idea.

Flicca sounds like it's coming along nicely. :)