Thursday, 24 May 2007

Da capo.....

It appears that I have completely forgotten how to follow a pattern. I was so taken up with chatting to different people at my last visit to knitting group, that I left out half the armhole shaping for the Illusion pullover. I didn't discover this until the back was completed. Most annoying. I knew it was too good to be true!

So today, I frogged back to the beginning of the armholes and I'm now reworking it - this time with the shaping.

The citrus lace is no more. I frogged this as well, and took the box of yarn down to my mother, who absolutely loves it. She is planning to make a little short sleeved U neck top from Sarah Dallas' book Vintage Knits - with a little fudging of sizes and tensions, this should be really good. She's getting on well with the Pegasus sweater, as well - she has finished the back and is nearly up to the neck shaping on the front. It is clear where I get my enthusiasm for knitting!

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Jocelyne said...

I love Elizabeth Goudge, and I have almost all her books, in french and in english. I can't stop reading her again and again!