Saturday, 5 May 2007

Almost what we wanted

This afternoon I have been taking pictures in the sunshine.

First of all, the Trekking XXL socks.

The colours show rather well here. They really are vivid and interesting, with no pattern repeat at all. This is because of the yarn construction, four plies, each with its own colour change sequence.

My husband says they are Hippy Socks, and he is very pleased with them.

And the top down raglan is finished as well.

The colour is not true at all - this is a good dark navy, and there are no strange horizontal stripes on it. I don't know where those come from, there is nothing to be seen on the garment.

Anyway - the pattern is an old favourite from Knitting Pure & Simple, written for a chunky weight yarn, and I modified it in that I worked at 4.5 spi instead of 4 spi. Very straightforward of course, a bit of arithmetic to identify which size instructions will produce the desired size of jumper, that's all.

The yarn is Jo Sharp's Desert Garden, in Indian Ink. This yarn has an interesting construction. It is technically a cabled yarn - thirteen little two ply strands, all plied together. Yes, thirteen, I thought it was unlikely too. It does tend to be a bit splitty, but it produces a lovely soft thick fabric.

I wanted a plain navy jumper to replace an old favourite Betty Jackson pullover, which has been worn so much that it's actually going into holes - and I am very pleased indeed with this new pullover - the colour, the fit, everything - it is just what I want.

The third FO isn't finished yet, and for that I believe we can blame two large companies who shall remain nameless.

Over the last 24 hours I have spent a quite ridiculous amount of time on the phone to two mobile phone companies. Too many hours, that's for sure.

We have just changed networks, and yesterday our numbers were supposed to be ported across. You would not believe how many different combinations of 'wrong' they managed to arrive at, between them. My phone is now sorted out, but my husband's is not - he cannot receive calls, which is very inconvenient of course. Apparently it will be dealt with on Monday, or possibly Tuesday. We are not wildly impressed with this.

In the meantime, I am going to be looking for some yarns for my mother. She is thinking of making up a couple of old favourite patterns - probably about 30 years old, actually. One of them was written for for Twilley's Pegasus, and the other for Phildar Boule. So now I am off to see what I can find.

STR sock progress, tomorrow!


Kai said...

the trekking socks are lovely and the raglan is yummy too!

i love the bluey colour that we're seeing, but i think in navy that would be stunning. i wonder why the camera picks it up like that.. :)

natalie said...

Just discovered your blog.... and I want that jumper please, in forest green...can I place an order?