Saturday, 12 May 2007

11 days to go

Here is where I am with Flicca, after yesterday. I haven't actually knitted anything yet this morning, but I should get some more time for it this evening.

I have now finished the 2x1 rib section, and I've started the 1x1 rib. There is just about 4 inches to go before I reach the armhole shaping, and with a bit of luck, I might complete the back this evening. That is skein number 6 there on the chair - which is where I sit and knit outdoors, by the way. Although I won't be doing that today, it is still decidedly damp out there.

I think it is unlikely that I shall be getting any more than the back finished today though, because I shall be driving for quite a lot of the time. The reason for this is the large bag of yarn which you can see below.

I had been looking for some yarn that would substitute in some old patterns that my mother was wanting to make up, and I was very pleased to find some of the original yarn on eBay, much to my surprise.

That is Twilley's Pegasus, described on the label as 8 ply cotton, in primrose yellow and turquoise blue, and I know that my mother will be very pleased with it.

I'm still looking for something that can be substituted for a yarn called Phildar Boule. This was a cotton mix yarn, with a texture approaching boucle, and multicolour satiny slubs through it as well. It worked up at 4 stitches to the inch.

I know the probability of finding any of this particular yarn is vanishingly small, so I'm looking for something else to use instead, and I'm not having much luck so far. Bright, textured, interesting, and 4 spi. That's what we need here.....


Queen Frogger said...

Flicca is a fast knit. I look forward to seeing it finished as I don't think that I have seen a completed one yet.

Kai said...

Flicca is looking good.

Great grab on the yarn and I hope you find the Phildar one too..