Monday, 16 April 2007

Wishful thinking

Isn't it funny, we always seem to want what we can't have.

I'm off to the boat today. DH is now off the Thames and on the Kennet, past Reading, and moored up for a bit of a break. So I am meeting him, bringing clean clothes and fresh food as well.

There is limited space on the boat, and small portable projects are best. So what do I find myself wanting to knit? The never-ending raglan. I haven't been able to drive myself even to pick it up for quite a while now, and all of a sudden that's the only thing I want to work on. However as I only have one and a bit sleeves left to do, it's neither small nor portable, really. One of the disadvantages of a top-down, seamless garment, of course. So Exchequered will come along with me, as will the Hundertwasser socks. By the way, sock number one is finished, and sock number two is in progress.

Back tomorrow though. I wonder if I will still want to knit the raglan then.


Lothlorian said...

probs not, such is life but I really hope you do!! Enjoy being on the boat xx

Diane said...

I had my top-down raglan at the park yesterday with only half a sleeve to go! I would have much preferred a sock but couldn't justify starting something new with so many things to finish.

Kai said...

That's just typical!! :)

Ah well.. enjoy the sock and Exchequered and hopefully when your back your jumper mojo will still be there