Thursday, 5 April 2007

Socks and confusion

Things have been extremely busy around here for the last couple of days. We are trying to move house, and I don't think this process is ever entirely straightforward. Hopefully things will start moving towards a conclusion soon, but that point doesn't seem to be in sight at the moment. At times like this, knitting seems more than ever like a refuge of sorts, even if I don't have much time to devote to it.

There has been some progress though. The Inside Out Socks are complete, and I am still rather pleased with them. The sock to the back is the right way round, and the other is inside out - you can see the different effect that the cables give. I am not entirely sure why this is so satisfying, but somehow a completely reversible sock seems an amazingly sensible idea.

They are very comfortable to wear. The ribbing around the foot is pleasantly grippy and to my surprise I do not find it irritating, the heel and toe are nicely cushioned with the garter stitch, and the whole thing works extremely well. I finished them at the top with a sewn cast off, which has echoes of the garter stitch, and seems very appropriate.

If I make this pattern again, as I well might, I will change just one thing - I won't work the cables on the leg, instead I will let the 2x1 ribbing from the top of the foot continue up the leg.

Here - slightly out of focus, I am afraid - you can see the clever heel. This is a short row heel, with wraps. The wraps are not picked up and worked, they are left to merge into the fabric, which they do very successfully. This is definitely one to remember, and use again. Thick, cushiony, easy (when you are paying attention) and quick to work.

Something else that I like about this sock is the use of different needle sizes in different areas. This is STR mediumweight, by the way - and the foot of the sock is worked on 2mm needles, and the leg on 2.75mm. This very neatly avoids any problems for those of us with high insteps, and counteracts the pulling in caused by the cables, which are 11 stitches wide.

Would you believe that only three colours were used in dyeing this yarn? Black, brown and green, apparently. Brown and green I would have guessed, but the third - I think I would have said, purple-grey. Black? I was very surprised. But it is wonderful, really. Very clever, those Blue Moon people! Dyeing is a closed book to me, so my viewpoint is an purely aesthetic one. In other words, I do think it's pretty.

And I do like this yarn. This is the first time I have used STR, and it has such a reputation for being wonderful that it is almost surprising to find that it isn't all hype after all. I shall see how it is in the wash, and how it wears.

I am very much looking forward to receiving this month's yarn and pattern, apparently it's being despatched in a couple of weeks. I wonder what colour it will be?


Heather said...

Good luck with the move, I hope it isn't too stressful.

I love the finished socks. Both sides of the cables look great and I love that they are different.

Kai said...

Those look stunning.. :) two-way socks.. great idea.

I love the colourway and the heel is fantastic..