Thursday, 12 April 2007

New ideas

Maybe it's just the sunshine, maybe it's the fact that I know the boat is now back to normal - well nearly - or maybe it's the time of year. Whatever the reason, I find myself looking forward, and making plans for new projects - lots of them, in lots of very different yarns and textures.

Flicca will be next, definitely. I've heard that this is a quick knit, and that sounds excellent right now. I shall make this in grey, which is one of my wardrobe staples. After that, the black cotton fleece cardigan - not exciting to look at, but very useful indeed in the wardrobe, and also quick to make.

And then.... I think Clovelly. Not in RYC Natural Silk Aran as it is shown here, but in one of RYC's new yarns, Cotton Jeans. Canvas, I rather think, is the colour I want for this.

I also have a lace shawl in mind at the moment. I have some lovely Kaffe Fassett Kid Silk that I found on eBay a little while ago, in a colour called Shout, an amazing citrus yellow.

This yarn is long discontinued of course. It has the same fibre composition as Rowan's ever popular Kid Silk Haze, 70% kid mohair and 30% silk. The difference is the gauge - this yarn works up as sport weight, I think perhaps along the lines of KSH worked double. I have been doing a bit of swatching, trying out different patterns and tensions - but not too much, as I have just 640 metres of this gorgeous stuff, and it likes being frogged even less than KSH does.

This will be a rectangular shawl, or perhaps a stole would be a better name, and it will be garter stitch based, so that it is reversible. I much prefer shawls that don't have a right and a wrong side.

And after that - I have plans for some black Rowan Denim, another happy find on eBay. I love Rowan Denim, it really is one of my favourite yarns, but the black is hard to come by, so I was extremely pleased to come across 12 balls all from the same dye lot. I have in mind Raspy (scroll down a little) from Rowan's Denim People. Rather nice in the black, I think.

So that's a fair amount of variety, really.

The first sock is now past the heel turn, and the gussets are complete. Not a very inspiring picture perhaps - the fabric is not looking its best because I am much too lazy to have washed the yarn after frogging the sideways sock. So that is good motivation to get this one finished, and start the second one, which will undoubtedly look better with pristine yarn.

So the sock progresses, the boat continues to dry out, and the house move remains very much in the balance. And I am knitting again.


Kai said...

oohhh i love all the projects you have in mind... *waits by pc impatiently, for piccies!*

and i'm glad the boat is ok...

Queen Frogger said...

Good, I am glad the boat is getting better. Raspy looks a great style. I have seen it on some other blogs. and the mohair yarn looks lovely!