Sunday, 29 April 2007


I'm fairly zooming along with the Trekking XXL #sock. This is partly because of the gorgeous and unpredictable colours - they really are lovely - and partly because I am very motivated to finish.

The colours speak for themselves - except that it is becoming obvious that I need a better camera. Here are some samples. They are a bit blurry, I know, but you can still see the way the colours change.

I just love this. Anyway, I'm about to turn the heel on the second sock. If I don't finish the sock today, then it will be tomorrow.

The reason for this sudden burst of progress arrived in the post a couple of days ago.

It is the April shipment from Blue Moon. The yarn is new - its called Silkie, and it is lovely to handle, quite wonderfully soft. It has nowhere near the twist of the usual Blue Moon yarns. I am wondering slightly how well it will wear - but the 19% silk content will help, of course.

Initially it looks thicker than most sock yarn - more like sportweight, but the recommended gauge is 9 stitches to the inch, on size 1 needles. That's a fairly firm tension, definitely. We shall see.

One thing that I did notice whilst winding it, is that this yarn is very airy and light. Running through my fingers under tension, it seemed to become much thinner. So I would guess that this will work up nicely at the recommended tension - after all, Blue Moon do know what they are about! - and that it will make a lovely bouncy thick fabric.

The colour is called Walking on the Wild Tide, and it's even prettier wound up, if possible.

See what I mean? - in a blurry sort of way, of course.

I really, really want to cast on with this - the pattern looks intriguing too, more about that in another post - but I cannot bring myself to have more than one pair of socks on the needles. So, I absolutely have to finish the Trekking 100 socks.

Motivation indeed.


Kai said...

The Blue Moon is absolutely stunning!

I'm wishing I'd signed up to the club now..

The Trekking is definitely working out well.. I love the colours. :)

Queen Frogger said...

I like the Trekking colours, better than the Blue Moon ones!

Helen said...

Those are beautiful colours in those yarns.