Wednesday, 18 April 2007


1. Addi lace needles are very, very nice indeed. All the good things you've heard about them are true.

2. I still don't like magic looping. If anything could do it, it would be using my new Addi lace needles. I just had to try them out on something, and the Hundertwasser socks were to hand. However magic looping is still not for me, and I have reverted to my trusty Inox bamboos.

3. I am now trying very hard not to think of new projects for which I could use the new lace needles.

4. Grease stains on a favourite tshirt can be really, really difficult to remove. Yes, I have tried Stain Devils. Twice. Tomorrow I will be trying again.

5. Permanent marker on a favourite pair of white plastic sunglasses can be really, really difficult to remove. Until you try surgical spirit, which works like magic. I wonder if it works on grease stains.....?

6. I still have my raglan mojo, but there's not going to be a picture until it's finished. It just looks like a big dark navy blue blob at the moment, and that is fairly easy to imagine.

More tomorrow.


Heather said...

The addi lace needles sound wonderful! Will you bring them to knitting group next week? grovel grovel, please please?

I'm not sure about surgical spirit on a t-shirt, it might take the dye out, it certainly took the varnish off a door at my parents house when we tried it to remove the remnants of stickers stuck there.

Lothlorian said...

try a bit of bicarb of soda on the stain I am sure I heard this can help

we need an action shot of the addi needles :P

Catie said...

Grease stains? If you've ever dyed a pair of shoes using Meltonian shoe dye, you need to use the Meltonian Grease and Tar remover. Well, I know it's designed for shoes, but I have used it successfully on fabric, too (testing on inconspicuous bit first, of course). A quick thing which might or might not work, but is cheap and always worth trying is apply talcum powder to the area and work it in. Leave for a bit and then launder. Can't hurt!
My friends used to call me the Stain Doctor :-) which gives an inidication of my degree of tragedy!