Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A disaster of sorts

Over the last few days, we have been very busy getting our narrowboat ready for the move down to Wiltshire. We've been lucky enough to get a mooring very near our new house (assuming we do actually succeed in buying the house) and we had been looking forward to making the journey down there together - 127 miles on the water, with 124 locks and 23 swing bridges. However the timing just doesn't work out, and so I am still here fielding calls from estate agents and solicitors, whilst my husband takes the boat down on his own.

Today I saw him off from the mooring, helped him with the first lock, and waved goodbye. This evening I rang him up to see how things were going, and discovered that the entire 200 gallon contents of the water tank had emptied into the bilges, due to a connection coming adrift somewhere. The boat was absolutely in the middle of nowhere, between locks, between bridges, no civilisation in sight - which is normally exactly how we like things, but in this case it was definitely not ideal, with water several inches deep in the bedroom.

However things seem now to be more in hand. The wet and dry vacuum has been called into service, and although I am sure it wasn't intended for pumping quantities of water like this, apparently it seems to be doing the job rather well. Hopefully things will start to dry out tomorrow, the water tank will get refilled, and the journey will continue.

The deadline regarding our house purchase came and went, with nothing happening at all. In some respects this is good - it isn't all off - or at least, not yet. But in other respects, it's not good, and I am finding this continuing tension and uncertainty quite difficult to deal with.

Knitting is good for relaxing, of course, but I seem to be past that point, so there has been very little progress on anything. Exchequered, for instance, hasn't even made it out of the knitting bag. However I will finish turning the heel on the Hundertwasser sock this evening though, I have made up my mind about that at least. This yarn is actually working up very nicely with a normal sock construction.

When I have Exchequered finished, the next candidate will be the never-ending top-down raglan for myself. I really want this finished, it will be such a useful garment. At the moment it has one and a half sleeves still to go.

Once I have that out of the way, I shall cast on for something new. I am thinking this will be either Flicca - or else The Simple Cardigan from Sally Melville's excellent book, The Purl Stitch. This would be in black Cotton Fleece with interesting silver buttons (scroll down, they are silver coloured, actually) - I've made this pattern up once already, with ecru Berroco Denim Silk, and I know that a black version will get worn a lot. But Flicca is just what I want at this time of year, so useful to have something like that for the cool evenings...

Decisions again. But it's too late to take the dog for another walk, so I think I will return to sock knitting instead.


Kai said...


I've still got everything crossed for the house stuff being sorted out soon..

Flicca looks absolutey gorgeous!!!!

Queen Frogger said...

Gosh, I hope the boat gets sorted out. Why is it always so stressful moving?!

Heather said...

Hope the boat dries out soon and that your move becomes less stressful.