Sunday, 8 April 2007

Definitely Spring

Today the choice of pictures was between another shot of Exchequered, looking very much the same as before, or these flowering willows. No contest really - just look at that blue.....

Knitting continues. Exchequered is progressing very nicely, as it happens - it is 22" long now, and I have been giving some thought to the treatment of the other end. The pattern has continuous chequers running the rest of the length of the scarf, but I have it in mind to make the two ends mirror images of each other, with the colours reversed. So the side that starts with solid green will end with the chequers decomposing to solid black - and of course the other side will be the reverse. DS likes this idea too, which does matter, as of course the scarf is for him.

I am liking combined knitting more and more - in fact I believe that with this method I am now working faster with my left hand than with my right. This is absolutely unheard of, and I think not to be ignored. I am definitely thinking about using combined knitting on a permanent basis.

Despite this new and lovely method of working. Exchequered is not mindless knitting. I find that if I am tired, I can easily misplace a stitch. This is very easily fixed of course, but I would much prefer not to make the mistakes in the first place, so this is not going to be late evening knitting any more, and I have cast on for another pair of socks for DH. Making basic socks does not require any active thinking at all.

The new socks are in Opal Hundertwasser, colour 1437, I forget the name. I had intended this yarn for sideways socks. This yarn looks stunning with long rows, and in fact I had actually made one sock from the Opal pattern on the back of the ballband, but they certainly didn't fit anyone who lives in this house, so I frogged them. I have seen some sideways socks which fit their wearer beautifully. They were made with a revised version of the pattern, but right now I don't think I can be bothered to work out the amendments needed to make sideways socks that will fit my husband. So these are to be in my standard sock pattern for him, top down, traditional heel flap, graduated wedge toe grafted side to side at the end.

I have just discovered something that may be a rather wonderful timesaver for me. Apparently there is something called Bloglines which will automatically check my regularly read blogs for me, and tell me when there are new posts for me to read. This sounds like an excellent idea, and I will have to investigate further.

Lucy is oblivious to the fact that winter has finally gone (well, hopefully it has, anyway) and is still in her favourite place on the sofa.


Heather said...

I would definitely recommend Bloglines, makes life a lot easier, particularly if you read 124 different blogs :-)

Diane said...

I can't imagine how much time I must have spent reading blogs before I discovered Bloglines - I used to trawl through them all every day or so only to find a lot of un-updated posts.

Can't wait to see Exchequered finished!

Kai said...

The willow is beautiful and so is Lucy!! :)

Can't wait to see what you do with Exchequered... *intrigued*