Friday, 20 April 2007

Busy, busy..

Bloglines is down this morning, and I am missing it already. Hopefully it won't be down for long.

Things have been very busy this week, but hardly any of the activity has been knitting related, unfortunately. The second sock has had its heel turned, but there is not really much to see. I have hardly worked more than a couple of rows on Exchequered. The never-ending raglan almost has the first sleeve completed, now - that's good, at least. And I have resurrected Ruffles, which has been on the needles so long that it's a positive disgrace.

Here it is - I do still like this scarf very much, and Berocco Suede makes an interesting fabric. The colour variations are subtle, and the scarf is curling in a very satisfactory way.

The current ball of yarn is nearly finished, and later today I have the interesting prospect of an expedition into the loft to try and find another - I know that I do have more. The problem lies in discovering which of the boxes marked 'Yarn' is the correct one, and this could take some time. I am very much looking forward to our new house - or more specifically to the nice yarn storage arrangements which I am planning for our new workroom there.

And here for your edification is the never-ending top down raglan. The colour is not true at all - this is a good dark navy, and on my screen it looks like royal blue. The markers are so that I do not have to count rows in order to end up with two sleeves the same length - it's not that I mind counting rows, it's just that it seems like a waste of time to count the same rows repeatedly. So I place a marker every ten rows instead.

This is Jo Sharp Desert Garden, a good Aran weight 100% cotton yarn. Its lovely to work with, nice and soft, and I am looking forward to wearing this pullover.

DH is getting along nicely, by the way. He has only about 30 miles still to go - but that is still 51 locks, including descending the infamous Caen Locks. Here is a picture, in case you haven't seen them before. Spectacular, but very hard work.

It is strange to think that we can drive the whole distance of his journey in about two hours, but it takes about two weeks on the water.

And now I must go and busy myself with more things which are not knitting related.


Kai said...

that piccie of the locks is fabulous!

the jumper is looking lovely and i'm wondering why i didn't think to place markers every 10 rows instead of repeatedly counting.. hmm.

ruffles is interesting... i like the colourway, just waiting to see what it looks like when you wear it!

Helen said...

Ooh! I grew up in Devizes and so know that view well :)