Monday, 23 April 2007

And about time, too

Finally, a finished object. The Hundertwasser socks are done, just a few minutes ago. I haven't got a picture though, as I do still have to darn in the ends, but they count as finished now in my mind. I will put a picture up tomorrow, in the sidebar.

I haven't been producing finished projects at anywhere near my usual rate. During the second half of last year, I was averaging one a week. Not this year, not so far.

I know what is going on the needles next though, at least by way of socks. I have some Trekking XXL in the famous colourway #100 - here it is.

I am looking forward to working with this yarn. I am a sucker for colour changing yarn, and this yarn has colour changes that are so unpredictable. I am wondering if it is going to be a bit splitty though - the separate plies are so visible. It's probably just the colour treatment, though. I shall cast on later this evening and work a couple of rows, then I shall return to the raglan.

Ruffles, though, is sadly going to have to be set aside. Would you believe, I cannot find the rest of the yarn. Today there was a second expedition to the loft, with much emptying out of boxes and sorting - but the Berroco Suede remains elusive. I will find it after we move house, of course, but for the time being it will have to wait.

I did find a lot of other things in the stash though....... but that can wait for another day. However, I will say that there will definitely be a Starmore project later this year. I haven't decided which one will be first though - Elizabeth 1; the Driftnet Wrap; Cape Cod; Cromarty....

And look what the postman brought me today!

I am a great fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann. Her writing style appeals to me enormously - I enjoy the precision of her words, together with her conversational approach. I already have Knitting Without Tears and her Knitters Almanac - and I am so pleased to now have her other two books waiting for me to read them, like a delicious treat still to come.


Queen Frogger said...

I have the knitters almanac but I am ashamed to say that I have not read it at all yet1

Kai said...

I'm the same as queen frogger.. I have almanac and I've flicked through it.. but it scares me :(
I want her other books too though! :D

Helen said...

I am more ashamed to say that I've never even seen a EZ book (!)

I see you are reading Drums of Autumn, though, which I have read and it's really good :)

Bronte said...

Whis is that yarn colour famous? *is ignorant* I've only used Trekking once before, but found it really very soft and lovely to knit with. :-)

I have Knitting Around and love it! Must get the Knitting Workshop to complete my set!